Exploiting My Baby* *Because It's Exploiting Me


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Is Google Evil?

This is almost like “found poetry,” if you found a really depressing and sparsely written poem. Here is a verbatim history of my baby-related Google searches for the month of March, my third month of pregnancy. How to describe obsessive, all-consuming anxiety? Like they say in Comp 101: Show don’t tell.

Baby book Spock, Toddler Guitar, Guinness Beer Iron, Beer and Pregnancy, O’Doul’s Pregnancy Safe?, Imminent miscarriage, Emergen-C Pregnancy Safe, Hot baths pregnancy neural tube defects, Is it safe to take a hot bath while pregnant, Hot Baths: safe during pregnancy?, Pregnancy – Birth: Cause of miscarriage, Does anyone still take hot baths?,
Pregnancy and baby: Are hot baths safe?, The myths and facts about pregnancy, Stretch Mark Cream reviews, Imminent miscarriage, Stretch mark product reviews, Reviews of top five stretch mark remover creams, The Doctor’s Book of Home, Remedies: stretch marks, Octo-Mom: “I was a stripper”, CVS: chorionic villus sampling, Discharge normal after CVS, CVS cramps villus, cvs prenatal diagnosis, Fitness for Two: March of Dimes, Braxton-hicks CVS after, Braxton-hicks contractions, First trimester screening, CVS not risky?, Imminent miscarriage, Nonviable pregnancy but no miscarriage yet – Babycenter, Abnormal first trimester screening results, CVS testing and miscarriage, First trimester screening negative results, CVS miscarriage, CVS test, CVS test reliability, Non-alcoholic beer during pregnancy, O’Doul’s alcohol content, Ampicillin --- nausea bladder, Ampicillin nausea, CVS Cedars-Sinai, Imminent miscarriage, Prenatal 3D ultrasound safety issues, Are new ultrasound technologies causing autism?, Sonogram autism, Baby sucking thumb on ultrasound, Pregnancy and baby: ultrasound, People.com: Strasser expecting first baby, It’s a boy for Carson Daly and girlfriend, Urinary tract infections, Positive urine nitrate test, Enterococcus bladder infection catheter, Bladder infection: information from Answers.com, Celebrities with first name: Mick, The Mommy Files: 7 super foods you should be eating, Prenatal vitamins make me sick, Fetal movement: feeling your baby kick, Fitness/nutrition: your first trimester: iVillage, Best camcorder, Imminent miscarriage, What your baby looks like --- 10 weeks – babycenter, Do you want to know your, baby’s gender?, Caffeine during pregnancy, Sleep aids during pregnancy, Exposure to oral contraceptives and risk for Down Syndrome, Folate and human development, Down syndrome likelihood 38, Causes of Down Syndrome, Risk factors for Down Syndrome, Best physician Los Angeles, Pregnancy gallery: 10 weeks, 9 weeks pregnant?, Showing pregnancy, First pregnancy and showing early