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Brain Tumors: Not So Funny

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Yesterday, I did Adam Carolla's podcast with Bryan Bishop, who fans know as Bald Bryan.

It's not as bad as it sounds, but few things sound worse than "inoperable brain tumor," which is what Bryan has. He just found out a couple of weeks ago, and is now getting radiation and chemotherapy. 

I've known about this for a while, but that did not stop me from coming completely unglued on the drive home. I am confident Bryan will be okay, I just wish he and his family didn't have to go through something so terrifying. 

Sitting there on Adam's podcast couch hearing Bryan's story, I kept thinking, I hope my baby boy has some of BB's characteristics. I'm going to have to ask his mother how the heck she raised that kid. It's not just that he's exceptionally intelligent and decent, both of which he is, but more that he is plain old happy. I can't say that for most people I know, or for myself, and seeing a real live happy person and working closely with him for three years was edifying. Bryan says he is made for fighting cancer, because he is physically strong and emotionally balanced. I agree. He is also unbelievably, relentlessly sunny, which should make him unbearable but never does. 

Stay tuned, because he and his fiancee will be blogging.