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Is "Preggers" Really the Best We Can Do?

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Following is an interview from today’s LAist.com. The full story is here.

LAist: How preggers are you?

Teresa Strasser: I am due October 2nd, so this kid is almost halfway cooked. If he's born on his due date, he will share a birthday with both Ghandi and Groucho Marx. I guess this means he'll either be staging vaudeville acts, or acts of civil disobedience. The other possibility is that astrology is total bullshit, but people kept asking me who was born on that day so I felt compelled to look it up.

Do you really say "preggers?"

Thanks for addressing a concern of mine. "Preggers" is like the word "boyfriend" -- it kind of sucks, but is better than the alternatives. I basically got married so I could just say "husband" and get on with life. As for "preggers," it has a fanciful quality I like, but maybe tries too hard to be cavalier.

"Expecting" is overly wholesome and formal, whereas "knocked up" is now too Seth Rogen for me. "I have a bun in the oven" or "I'm with child" aren't even worth considering. And somehow, "carrying a developing fetus" is just clunky. If anyone has solved this problem, please let me know.


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Why the blog?

What's the point of having a baby if I can't exploit the experience for some content?

Honestly, as a writer, I guess you "exploit" everything in your world. I'm not good enough to cook up prose about things I don't know, so over the years I've written about my mechanic father, my hated evil stepmother, my beloved black stepfather, my neighbors, my bosses, my dead end jobs, my apartment buildings that were like villages of the damned, my road trips, my break ups, my unexplained rashes, my busted cars, my two-bit revelations and non-binding epiphanies, my accidental Myspace dates and everything in between. While having a baby is not original or special (Octomom has done it 14 times, so there you go,) when it's happening to you, there isn't much else you can think about.

Pregnancy is like nine months of acquired situational narcissism, it's all about us and we want to make sure we're normal. Every little cramp or worry or symptom sent me right to Google, not to mention to the pages of every book I could find. If other pregnant girls are like me, this is all new to them, too. I hope ExploitingMyBaby.com will be a place to do what I've always tried to do as a writer, tell the truth even when it makes me look like an asshole.