Exploiting My Baby* *Because It's Exploiting Me

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New Pregnancy Meltdown Caught on Tape

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Can't breathe at night. Normal pregnancy symptom, I'm told. Still, it feels so torturous I keep expecting John Yoo to write me a memo.

The good news is that this middle-of-the-night meltdown was captured by the Mr. If I'm going to exploit my baby, why not start now by exploiting my baby-related meltdowns?

If you are pregnant and panicking 'cause you can't breathe, know you are not alone. If you are not, please enjoy a private but satisfying sense of superiority. That's what I would do.

Oh, and this is NSFW. Sorry, I’m short of breath, but long on swears.

Enjoy another offering from Sonny and Overshare.

Preggisode: Week 25, Suffocation from Teresa Strasser on Vimeo.

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Exploiting My Meltdown

Exploiting My Meltdown

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Preggisode: Week 11 from Teresa Strasser on Vimeo.

If I'm going to exploit my baby, why not start now, by exploiting my pregnancy-related emotional problems?

In this video, my husband tapes me freaking out during my first trimester. Someone told us to keep a video diary. Self absorption meets hormone surge and they get along great!

The Mr. is just a regular guy who works for a computer company, which is why he adorably, but unknowingly, shoots right into a mirror. Still, he does a decent job tamping down the tears. I'd like to say we're kind of Sonny and Cher, but more like Sonny and Overshare.